Ark Swimwear

I am always on the search for a new and affordable bikini. Thanks to the Internet tracking my cookies (I seriously hate that), Instagram placed an ad for Ark Swimwear. I took the bait and I clicked on their page and I’m happy I did. Ark Swimwear is from Australia. They pride themselves on creating bikinis that are comfortable, flattering, and affordable.

I ordered the cutest bikini, bright orange bralette with matching hybrid bottoms. I am in love with the cut of their bikinis, I love an itsy-bitsy bikini. For those who are a little more modest, they also offer bikini bottoms with a little more coverage. This bikini is so flattering and I cannot wait to wear it to the beach! They offer free shipping on all orders. Make sure you check the sizing guide. I originally ordered my suit too small, but was able to exchange the suit (you will have to pay for shipping if shipping in the US ship via US postal service). I cannot wait to order another bikini to add to my collection!

Check out:





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