Well, it’s Sunday again and for some it’s the end of the week and for others it’s the beginning of a new week. For me, Sundays are sweet until five o’clock pm and the Sunday night anxiety kicks it. For teachers Sunday night anxiety is a real thing, what about the rest of you? 

I try to have a productive but relaxing Sunday, sometimes it seems like an oxymoron. Some Sunday’s are way more relaxing  than others. But today I made a list of must dos, and it’s a small list and I’m also going to enjoy today. It’s 77 degrees with no humidity in South Florida today and I am in love. 

With wedding plans and the goal of buying a home this year I’ve made a conscious effort to save money, and now I’ve really kicked it into gear. My fiancée and I are really trying to cut back on going to restaurants so that means breakfast at home. This morning I woke up craving a savory breakfast, but lacked the ingredients. I decided to bake some pre-made biscuits and topped it with goat cheese and cherry perseveres. I don’t know if this is a thing, but omg my biscuits were mouth watering. The goat cheese and the cherry perseveres were the perfect mix of savory and sweet, topped on a big biscuit, wow, I’m now obsessed. If your a fan of goat cheese, you must try this combo. Bon appeite and I hope you enjoy your Sunday! 


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