San Sebastian Winery


If you are ever visiting Saint Augustine, Florida, you must visit San Sebastian Winery. Every time I am in town I always make a stop at San Sebastian. They offer daily tours of the winery, but my go to is the rooftop bar. The rooftop bar has amazing views of the city, great drinks, yummy food, a chill atmosphere and live music. If you are looing for a good time, San Sebastian is the place for you.

All of the wines are made in house. For wines you can try the cabernet sauvignon or vinters red, I love the cabernet sauvignon. They also make a chardonnay, blanc du bois reserve, a vinters white, and a blush rosa. The winery also offers sangria and specialty drinks, sparkling and dessert wines, along with craft beers.   This last visit, I mixed it up and ordered their seasonal pink lemonade, which I was made with a moscato, it was delish and so refreshing, I had about three, and they were so good!

The rooftop bar overlooks the bay and old town. The service is great; all of the waiters have been there for years. You can also order tapas, which are delicious and complement the drinks perfectly. If you are going on a weekend afternoon, try and get there early because you will have to wait for a table. Live music is always playing on the weekend; it is such a fun place. The trolleys make a stop at the winery along with various other stops. My suggestion for you is to take the trolley to the winery, go on a tour (I’ve never been but there is always a line for the tour), enjoy a couple glasses of wine and hop back on the trolley and continue sightseeing. San Sebastian Winery is a great stop and has such a chill atmosphere, and is a must see while visiting Saint Augustine.


5 thoughts on “San Sebastian Winery

  1. gonetravelling says:

    This is the first post I am reading about St. Augustine! Nice to read about it! I am from Europe and over here the great majority has never heard of this town….such a gem! A bit too overwhelmingly touristy sometimes but worth a visit and great atmosphere…love the winery even though my fav place is by far Cap’s on the Water, over to Vilano Beach…have you tried it??

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