Paradise Found – The Florida Keys


Paradise can be found anywhere; a cup of coffee, a kiss, a city, a book, but for me paradise is found at the beach. This weekend I got to enjoy a quick get-away to the Florida Keys with my boyfriend and our friends. We drove down to Key Largo and stayed at our friend’s parent’s beach house. Luckily for me the Florida Keys is only an hour and a half away (at least Key Largo, Key West is about three hours away). I truly enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, the endless seafood, the key lime pie, the water and the beautiful views. There is always something to do in the keys, whether you are fishing, boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling or just soaking up the sun.


We got to Key Largo around 6:00pm and headed to dinner at Marker 88, which has great views of the sunset, since it faces the Gulf of Mexico. The Florida Keys has some of the most beautiful views of the sunset. Like I said before, the Keys have a very laid-back vibe. In all of my experiences at restaurants throughout the keys the food and service is good, but the service is slow. If you want to be in and out of a restaurant quickly, your patience will be tested in the Keys. The food was great at Marker 88; we got a dozen oysters and stone crabs for appetizers. My boyfriend and I spilt the Key West Penne Pasta, which was delicious, the amounts of crab, lobster and shrimp in the pasta was very generous. My friends spilt the hogfish, which was the catch of the day and they loved it. Unfortunately, the rain came rolling in and our dinner was cut short.

*Views From Marker 88

The next day we found a small public beach on the gulf side of Key Largo, which was off of Bay Harbor Road and Overseas highway near mile-marker 94. We laid-out, swam, kayaked and paddle-boarded. The beach was great, very secluded and you could watch the boats speed by in the bay. The beach also happened to be next to some beautiful houses, which just made me wonder, “what do these people do to live in these homes?” After the beach we packed up and grab lunched at Snooks on our way home, which is located on the Gulf of Mexico side. I had one of the best Bloody Mary’s there; it was spicy and had chunks of crabmeat, so yummy. After this trip and various trips in the past, my goal is to buy a vacation home in the keys within the next three years. If you ever get the chance, you have to visit the Florida Keys the adventures are endless and there is something for everyone here.

Views from Snooks and the beach



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