Tuesday’s Workout 

Today’s workout was tough, maybe it’s because I ran 3 miles yesterday. I’ve been incorporating running into my workouts and I’m finally starting to see a difference. Running and I have a love/hate relationship. 

 I use the app, Lose It to track all of my calories (thanks to my friend). A lot of my progress I attribute to counting calories. For the longest time I would just work out and eat healthy and not see any results. I then started using Lose It around September 2015 and saw some results. I hit a plateau around the holiday season and was fighting various sicknesses throughout the first of the year. I’ve been consistantly using Lose It for about two  months, mixing up my workouts (hot yoga, weight lifting, vinyasa yoga, some cardio) and now adding running  for about a month now and I can really see a difference. Slowly but surely getting closer to my goal, summer is just around the corner and I will be beach body ready.  

Today’s workout:

10 minute run (1 mile)

15 x 3 reps dumbbell chest press flat bench

15 x 3 reps dumbbell  chest press incline bench 

15 x 3 reps assisted dips 

15 x 3 pec-deck machine

10 minute run/walk 

Let me know what workouts you enjoy! 


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